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Monday, August 8, 2011

Big Brother Amplified: An Insider's View (How Luclay Lost)

The Big Brother Amplified show has come and gone, it was opened by the fall of Lotus with a thud on the opening day of 1st of May 2011 and ended with another thud of Luclay “Clayton” Misoya being evicted from the house (stage) dashing the hopes of South Africa landing the much coveted prize of US$200,000.00 up for grabs. Luclay was described as the best housemate South Africa has ever brought to the show hence the anger that followed his loss is somewhat understandable. Many esteemed entertainment writers had already concluded that Luclay and Karen won unless the scale tipped heavily in Lomwe’s favour who was seen as a potential threat to the “Otonos” as Luclay and Karen were affectionately known. Nobody saw Wendall Parson winning but he did, despite outcry of rigging, this victory was a fair one. Here is a thesis from an insider, it might not answer every question but will put some things into perspective.
Building the Brand: The Hunk
Wendall was not seen posing a threat, he was reserved and calm, “not amplified enough” in the eyes of some. But one thing that went unnoticed is the team behind him (Wendall United Fan Club) WUFC in short. The campaign was premised on peaceful campaigning, winning friends and hard work. To kick start it we had to make sure Wendall is noticed despite being quiet, the major selling point was his looks, girls were eager to see more of the hunk, in the forums it was a debate of who is hotter between him and Luclay. This debate could not carry for long, so we had to go around looking for fans that matter, with access to many of the people who were behind Munya Chidzonga’s campaign we set about early to seek their support and experience, probably half of them refused to be part of Big Brother given what transpired with the All Stars, a few did not wish to be part of WUFC choosing the more suave Vimbai Mutinhiri. With sides picked the stage was set, the real work had begun, it was to be a 91 days full of events, there was never a dull moment behind the scenes.

Big Brother Amplified: The Aftermathathematics!!

The dust has settled, comments are not coming thick and fast. Swearing, abuse words and slurs have subsided. I believe cool heads have been restored in most of us such that we can engage and delve into the issues underlying the conclusion to the Big Brother Amplified or Season 6 of the hyped show.

Wendall & Karen react to the news that they were winners of Big Brother Amplified

It is in this climate of calmness that I have decided to put pen to paper or is it finger to keyboard and seek to explain how the whole scenario played out much to the delighted of many and the chagrin of even a large number among the African viewership. Many a blogger and entertainment columnist have tried to explain it or pacify the Luclay fans with detailed analysis but I thought it would be good to hear it from one with inside information of Wendall United Fan Club behind the scenes.
So be on the look out for the full blog that should be published by 1900hrs on the 8th of August 2011