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Thursday, December 10, 2015

Entrepreneurship, Why Many Don't Do It

Everywhere in the world governments are trying to encourage their people to create jobs for other people. This solves a huge problem which confronts politicians during their bids for another office term. The job numbers Barack Obama administration put out together with strong Wall Street run could have signalled death knell for Republican ‎politicians as he made a good ground for Democrats. However in most of the world politicians are confronted by a people desperate for jobs, calls for entrepreneurship will be ignored. This puts government in a precarious situation & most resort to pumping money into infrastructure projects creating short term employment and temporary reprieve. Having been applying my mind to entrepreneurship for a long time I now understand why people would rather work for a pittance. Below are some of the reasons why many won't be bothered about setting up a business.

The Man & Women in Offices

For entrepreneurs to get business started they must register through some government bodies and here you find full time employees with little or no understanding of being in entrepreneur shoes. They will take their time while you have no time to waste & need to run. In a country like Zimbabwe it's worse because they need a bribe to do the work and the system is paper based taking up to 3 months to register a company properly. On the other hand rules for entrepreneurship are crafted by people who sometimes have never attempted any kind of business; their obsession is putting together