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Monday, June 6, 2016

Why BlackBerry Must Keep with BlackBerry 10 Operating System

I have been a fan of BlackBerry for a long time after being impressed by how robust the Curve 8520 had been; no matter what I threw at it I could never make it quit. From that time I have noticed that BlackBerry phones were always delivered and were made with the end user in mind. The advent of Android saw the market shrink for smaller OS makers and right now we are on the brink of having a duopoly of OS in Android and iOS something which can leave smartphone users at a huge disadvantage not only for choice but price. Samsung has the lion’s share of Android while Apple holds the other. Smaller smartphone makers have been disappearing failing to push the numbers required for viability. BlackBerry still maintains a smaller presence in the smartphone market and has other services it provides which makes it able to endure the long drawn dry season. Of course wanting BlackBerry to remain in the smartphone market to help consumer choice goes against the profit motive which every company must be able to uphold to remain in business. So what can BlackBerry do ensure that the numbers surge in terms of sales? Below are a few strategies that can aide BlackBerry come back stronger: