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Friday, September 16, 2011

Zimbabwean Wikileaks: The Patriots Spoke!!!

The article below was originally written on Sunday,December 12, 2010 as a note on facebookwhen US diplomatic cables were beginning to surface. I have decided to post it as a blog in the light of events taking place within Zimbabwe given the fact that more cables were released pertaining to ZANU-PF, MDC & Zimbabwe Security Agencies. With hindsight, it is evident that there are still a lot of people within Zimbabwe, particularly ZANU-PF who are eager to see things changes for the good. I will pen another blog to analyze the current scenario further after going through most of the cables.

There has been animosity toward Wikileaks releasing information detailing PM Morgan Tsvangirai's conversations with US Embassy, ZANU PF sympathizers have jumped to highlight that Morgan was urging sanctions. Well if I was in his position I would advocate the same, imagine ZANU PF without target sanctions, how would the shopping trips to fashion cities like Madrid, Paris be? Then there is the issue of stashing wealth. Truth is these people's preferred place is the west, the look east is just sour grapes, if sanctions are removed you will see, deep down Mugabe has admiration for UK, they made him, his style et al has a Buckingham signature about it, enough of this, let's talk business.

I have a note posted before this one detailing the life & aspirations of Julius Assange and his purpose for Wikileaks. He is an advocate of a free society where governments have to be transparent and information is not withheld from the populace. This is one thing that makes me believe in his cause, how many clandestine deals are done by governments, in South Africa there is the famous arms scandal for example, in Zimbabwe far too many to mention from the seventies up to present, how nice it would be to have the rumours confirmed by hard facts e.g. findings of Dumbutshena Commission, the Willowgate scandal, disappearance of many political figures. Zimbabwe is a gold mine for the most astounding leaks ever if not the most gruesome. Knowing this I am upbeat about Wikileaks.