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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Mind Control: Is Twitter Altering Reality??

In today’s world it is of necessity for one to question things beyond what they seem to be. Taking the information from any source as being a given can have fatal consequences. My belief is there is a few who want to profit and ride on the ignorance of many. It is incumbent upon every human on the face of the earth to be as inquisitive as possible for the benefit of everyone or else we will all perish. The bible clearly states, “My people perish because of the lack of knowledge”. Note that it does not say from the absence of knowledge.

Monday 11th of October 2011 was just one of those days, wake up, read the headlines on lamp posts and try to absorb all this and how it relates to my state of affairs. One read “America could escape recession”. It got me wondering; have they (recessions) not been happening often lately. Has the economic cycle reduced by that much a margin to keep us on our toes every 2 or so years? I wrestled this thought and shoved it somewhere at the back of my mind and store it to be retrieved at a later date perhaps be put down as a blog.

But one single event that changed my day was when my Facebook stopped updating the news feeds, it had been an hour so I logged out and back in but could not manage beyond the authentication page. It was then that it hit me