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Thursday, March 17, 2016

How Money Is Made on Social Media

A few days ago I had a post emphasizing ‎that social media is not just a place to be silly and kill time. Many people wanted to understand how money is made on social media or how to get the best out of social media. I will detail how this can be done.

Getting the Best Job

So you have completed school in your chosen field of study but very few people know what you do. Before social media we could send CVs to announce what we do. Nowadays we can tweet, Instagram or Facebook it. Recently I met this lady who I reckon was a prolific communicator from how she posted on Facebook. I thought this person could be someone I can work with in my start-up as Communications Manager. I reached out to her and true to my suspicion she is studying Communications. That is how she became part of the winning team; before she finishes her degree she could find herself as a Communications Director, can life be any cooler? If you are doing nothing connected to your dreams and aspirations on social media, you are robbing yourself.

Becoming a Brand Ambassador

‎There are things that you love maybe clothes, perfume, makeup, food, a football team, a brand of cars etc. You are most likely an expert about the A-Z of it so why not showcase it on social media? You are already doing something you love and need no extra motivation.