Majority of the people wake up every day going to a place of work, they trade their hours for a salary or wage. People spend most of their time awake at some place of work; over time I realized workplaces can become a source of frustration and stress. Most people never strive to be great employees or they just swim with the tide, wherever it may lead. However what the crowd endorse as true or the norm in most instances; is the wrong thing altogether. Here are tips on how you can elevate yourself to be the greatest employee:

Never Complain About Your Salary

This is the easiest trap people find themselves & one most people will enjoy staying in. I have worked in many organizations and the first thing you hear is people murmuring about their salaries. As a new person most times you are content with what you bargained for but it will not take time to join the murmurs or the crowd. In most instances people feel the need to belong & find acceptance, what better way to gain this than joining them. But murmuring about salary increase de-motivates and saps energy, after all most increases which would