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Saturday, May 9, 2015

Day 2, 25 April 2015: Good Bye Anaesthetic, Hello Pain

After the surgery I felt much better, my leg was quiet and felt nothing except a numbness, must have been the wonder drugs they use during operation. I was given pain tablets, I took them even though I felt no need for them. But the nurses knew what was coming so they needed to prepare me ahead, that was proactive of them. As I woke up to a Saturday I got chance to know my neighbour who had a knee problem, he was a Jewish man who must have been in his 60s. The hospital has nurses on duty who check on you every hour, this made it hard to sleep, I am a light sleeper so any shuffling will send me wide awake. I heard the Jewish ask about me to the nurses if I was ok because I had been quiet, only my brain was racing replaying the events. So maybe he thought this fellow could be dead or immobile, the nurse reassured him that I'm alright. God bless him, Jews are a special type of people,if anyone ever needed proof that God does really exist he must watch Jews or check the most influential Jewish people & how they made it, you will understand that the blessings of Abraham still carry them to this day. 

Friday, May 8, 2015

When God Fishes You Out of Miry Clay

There is nothing like a Blogger with a lot of free time, it can happen for a few minutes because there is always a lot of thoughts rushing through the head. I happen to have a lot of free time and guess what, I'm going to blog it away. You might be wondering why I have so much free time when there is so much to do, well I was involved in an accident, a bus accident. So I might as well start blogging about that experience.

Day One: That Drizzly Morning Ride

I took my bus at the right time about 0635 in the morning, it was a chilly and damp Friday, so I had my nice and fluffy jacket for warmth, a pair of blue jeans and those shoes that look like All Stars but cheaper ones. I never convinced myself to buy All Stars for R650, no that's a ripoff, for that amount I would rather have Adidas Superstar 2 but it's hard to find the scarlet and white I so love. So I settled for these cheap knockoffs meanwhile. The bus driver was that quiet and careful gentleman, never in a hurry and always on time. I cringe reading people judge him as reckless on news websites, they label him a careless and speeding driver, how wrong they are. I went onto the bus, exchanged greetings with him and put my bus tag for a ticket and proceeded to sit in a comfy seat towards the back, the one behind the wheel with leg room of a first class flight on an A380 plane. It's exam season so I took out my Unisa textbook and started to read. As the bus was about to leave the driver asked one lady standing outside if she was not going. She told him I'm waiting for Mr. M's bus which is coming to park just behind you. This lady I call her Madame Speaker Sir, she is a happy and chatty soul, Mr. M is the driver of bus number 85 and also member of parliament, along with other 3 youthful guys, they bring the bus alive on those trips especially back home after a hard day's work. So she hurried to Mr. M's bus and we pulled off.