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Thursday, December 17, 2015

Jose Mourinho Sacked, Some Lessons on Management!

My club Chelsea FC has decided to let go of Jose Mourinho, I'm a happy fan that he is gone and I hope they signed an agreement that he will never come back. A lot of folks like him, which is understandable because most football fans enjoy the hooligan type of engagement of which Jose Mourinho was a master. However in his downfall there are management lessons for all and some are as follows:

Despite Achieving Much, Be Humble

Being humble makes you identify with all classes of people, the poor, the rich, the educated, the ignorant. Jose was not humble, humility is a word which doesn't exist in his vocabulary judging by how he viewed those with less achievements than himself. Anyone in management who behaves like him is guaranteed to fall and fall dismally one day.

Resist to Be Proud

Pride is good when it is left inwardly, once you start throwing it around it can become toxic. Here is a man whose pride reached the heavens, sadly it became a trap. There were incidents he could have saved himself by saying