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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Careful What You Wish for South Africa, You Might Just Get it!!!

Tuesday the 10th of December 2013 was a significant day; South Africa witnessed the largest gathering of heads of state, former heads of state & dignitaries which is probably the largest gathering of people of note in one place. This was the sending off of Africa’s finest son ever & probably the last one unless God smiles on this Dark Continent and let the sun scorched land behold another like him. Many people underestimated the life and stature of Nelson Mandela, some still do, a murmur here & some discontent there. I have been involved in many debates where the question is always “besides staying in prison what did Mandela do”? I will not delve into his deeds and gestures because I believe anyone who doesn’t know them has their heads so stuck underground it will be hopeless for me to try and yell some sense into them. I am sure the spectacle of December 10, 2013 has changed some minds & hearts but I wouldn’t bet anything on a people whose heads are underground, what they might have noticed is the incessant rains over Guateng bringing discomfiture to their heads down under.

It was a day of jubilant tears in South Africa, Nelson Mandela can only be celebrated not mourned, here is a man whom I know ran his race on earth to the fullest. When heaven receives him, I envisage a great celebration for a man who answered his calling while in the flesh. Jesus Christ once said, “If someone slaps you on one cheek, turn to them the other also.” Most of us dismiss this adage as impractical but Nelson Mandela is one man who lived this principle, for example he gave his jailer a VIP guest status to his inauguration as president and invited the then Prosecutor at the Rivonia trial for lunch. How must it have felt for the Jail Guard or for the Prosecutor? I suppose it changed their perspectives on life in general and lifted a heavy burden from their hearts. They discovered the gift of no condemnation not from God but from fellow man. As they saw his memorial they must have been proud and probably wept knowing that they were forgiven, no more should they wallow in shame for the roles they played in his life. Nelson Mandela gave the other cheek but when all was said and done, he embraced them & loved them like they had never done him any wrong.

I can talk more of Nelson Mandela but his memorial also made headlines, Barack Obama delivered a great speech and in the spirit of the occasion he went to shake hands with the Cuban leader Raul Castro, even Castro himself was somewhat awed dropping his jaws in disbelief but Obama knows Mandela would have loved this to happen. After this came the sad chapter of the day, when Jacob Zuma was spotted he was booed constantly. This was a very embarrassing moment for not only him but for South Africa as a whole. I have seen people lynch into his person and many are actually jubilant that things turned out thus for him. But I believe Zuma did not deserve such disrespect, no one did. As I reflected on this occurrence my mind was seized with the phrase “Be careful what you wish for, you just might get it”. I juxtaposed the boos to Jacob Zuma with the cheers accorded Robert Mugabe, as a Zimbabwean I would have been forgiving of those booing Zuma had they held their peace at the sight of Robert Mugabe.

Questions raced through my mind whether these people yearned for a Robert Mugabe like leader in place of Jacob Zuma? Here was a gathering where Angels, Ancestors & whatever you believe in were supposedly watching from their domicile, the powers that can change their lives, grant their wishes and attend to their needs. I am reminded of Israelites in the bible when they said to Samuel we need a king seeing you are old. They asked why they cannot have kings like other nations, in essence rejecting God as their king. In the end their wish was granted & it was so mournful on their part. So South Africa, what is it that you wished for in those few minutes? What is the message you sent out to your Gods, Ancestors et al? Are you rejecting Jacob Zuma and wishing upon a Robert Mugabe? Be careful what you wish for, you might just get an Uncle Bob in future and when that time comes memories would be so far from FNB Stadium you wouldn’t know what hit you. Ask Zimbabweans how they sang “God give Mugabe long life” and today they wish his life ended. Yes there are now many Zimbabweans waiting to celebrate his death, look at how his health issues make headlines. It is my wish to have 100 Mugabe praise singers in Zimbabwe and they experience life the way majority experience it, worry about electricity, worry about water & when it comes worry about whether it’s clean enough to drink. I would love to have them work like all Zimbabweans earning an average of R2,500.00 ($250) for an office job requiring a qualification and if they have Matric only they have to settle for Maid or Gardener’s job getting about R700 pay. They will also know that payday is not a fixed date, it is a moving date dependent on management will to pay. After they get the pay they must worry about getting it out of the bank which will take a long queue. Maybe only then will people start to wish upon the right things and praise what they truly understand.

Zuma with all his blunders & lack of education, I would trade him any day for Mugabe with multiple degrees. Sure the Nkandlagate is a big issue but at least people are allowed to freely talk about it, to freely boo the president for it and freely investigate what transpired through the public protector. In Zimbabwe who dare question Mugabe for the missing billions not accounted in diamond revenue, who has the mettle to question the corrupt activities of his inner cabal? The Zimbabwe Anti-corruption Commission tried it ended being on trial themselves for trying to try corruption. If it was people at Zimbabwe National Sports stadium who booed Robert Mugabe before over 100 heads of states, the ghettos would not have known any peace after the dignitaries leave. Beer drinkers would have been rounded up in pubs and given a thorough hiding; those found walking on the streets after dark would also befall the same fate of button sticks. If the memorial was in Zimbabwe Obama would have been there on time, no traffic would dare travel on the route because no one wants to face the wrath of the Zimbabwe Republic Police. Only Zimbabweans know what Mugabe does and is capable of doing. So South Africans must be careful what they wish for, they might just get it.

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Updating BlackBerry 10 Software using Sachesi Application

In these parts of the world, Africa, things are a bit slow. Software push via mobile networks is no exception. It can take many calls, Facebook & Twittering to the network provider before they will push the software to devices, but kudos to Vodacom they always do it pronto while others can take up to 4 months to do it. Wi-fi is not readily available in these parts of the world and some of the updates are more than 500MB so the wi-fi can be limited which puts the device at risk of being rendered unusable again. So this option is very welcome & solves a lot of pain chasing clueless network providers whose Call Centre staff is people who cannot even do an OTA update on their own devices.

Obviously someone at CrackBerry did a guide on how to do the software update, problem is the person used a MAC and I am a Windows 7 user so it really had an effect & wasted time stuck thinking something is happening yet nothing at all, that’s how I wasted 4 hours in my day. So here goes:

What is Required?

1. A computer/Notebook, I was using Windows 7 64-bit
2. Data Bundles, the folder I downloaded for 10.2 OS is 1.02GB so you can budget 1.5GB in case you might need Google stuff when you run into problems.

3. BlackBerry Link (running), you must have it installed on your PC because the drivers it comes with are necessary to communicate with the phone.

4. Google Chrome browser.
5. Time and patience. If you are pressed for time rather wait until you have time.

6. Do a full back up using BlackBerry Link and remove your SIM card from the phone.

How to Do it?
First thing is to download the Sachesi program Click Here, make sure you choose the right one for your PC operating system. For some reason Mega and Internet Explorer is not good workmates this is why I had to use the Chrome Browser. Once you download Sachesi you will need to locate it on your computer, easiest way just go to Start, Search for Sachesi, open it and click Run. Note some anti-virus programs will refuse to Run the program so if it refuses to do anything you might need to check if it’s not your Norton or if you have administrator privilege on the computer.

The screen below will be displayed:

You will then need to put information in the white form fields. Now the country code is not the international dial code before you vex yourself punching it in. to get the right code click on the (?) mark, it will redirect to a Wikipedia page listing the country from there you need to note the following:
MCC number is the one to put on the Country field, MNC number is what you put on the Carrier field, choose your device model, under Variant if your phone is connected to the PC it should show “Connected:..” then your phone’s variant. Put that on the Variant field, alternatively swipe down on your phone to bring Settings, About then Model Number is your Variant. Now if you entered the details correctly you should see something like the screenshot below:

 Sometimes you can get the error “Server did not respond as expected [99]”. This is likely to happen if you are using company LAN (internet) and the firewall is blocking access. Just make alternative arrangements for download.

If you come right then a screen shot like below will pop up.

This time you need to click “Download All”.
The interesting bit is you will not be able to see where the download file is being saved; in my case it went to Downloads, Documents but don’t sweat, put the number appearing next to Update e.g. mine is showing so I take this number and throw it into PC search you will see it right at the top of search results, pointing your mouse onto it will show the path to get the file like C:\Users\Your username\...Downloads\. Take note of the location!

The download will commence as on the screenshot below, wait for it to complete, depending on your connection speed it can take little or more time.

After the download is complete it’s now time to install the software. Mine took approximately 30 minutes to complete, this was a device I had wiped so if there is data it might take a bit longer.
On Sachesi navigate to “Install” and you should see something like below, the IP addresses might be different, don’t worry.

Now this is where I got stuck, Sachesi will show Installing Radios & Installing OS, don’t be fooled, NOTHING IS HAPPENING, I waited on this screen for 2 hours fearing to abort and brick my Berry. To start the installation process you need to go to the location where the OS folder got saved.

I did the screenshot above just to show how to drag and drop (drag the 10.2... folder to Sachesi), once you have the folder on Sachesi, drop it there and Voila! It will start loading the software on the phone. On the device screen it will show the progress of the installation. The reason to take out your smart card is so that no calls, notifications or network interface affect the updating process which can cause hiccups. when done it will show you that its completed as below:

So that’s it, I had to include as much detail as possible so that it becomes easier even for the novice. Wouldn’t want anyone to go through what I went through lol. When the updating is complete the phone might lag a bit or take time stuck on the BlackBerry 10 screen or showing BlackBerry logo, relax and let it complete. Like any update, the phone will do a lot of background restoration but it should get to work just fine within a few hours. If you faced major issues with this method throw in the comments, we would love to dig deep and find out.

NB: This is NOT for installing leaked or unreleased software but official once released to carriers. Thank you.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

BlackBerry Z30 Review - User Interface/OS

So much for the hardware part, let’s now dwell on what this phone can do or what it can do better. I am a user of a BlackBerry Z10 and Q10 so you will find me touching on the evolution of this Operating System for the 10 or so months it has been out.

This is the hallmark of BlackBerry 10; you will not find any buttons on the screen. Now let me point out something that I see being sold as a lie about BlackBerry 10, many reviewers say gestures are hard to learn. My take is if you cannot hold a car steering wheel and change gears at the same time then BlackBerry gestures are not for you, in fact it’s harder to ride a tricycle than it is to muster gestures. So those reviewers are probably smoking something.

Battery Life
This phone sports a 2880mAh battery, this sounds like it’s not very much to go on but BlackBerry has one advantage, the Operating System and the Hardware are their own. This means hardware is optimised for use with the software meaning the Z30 will get all the work done using a Dual Core processor hence its power efficiency is above those of its peers in the 5 inch range. I am a heavy user & so I am impressed with how the Z30 has handled, to give an idea of how much my appetite for power is, I can get through 2GB of data within 3 weeks and this is limited to occasional download of whatsapp video like 2 times a week at no more than 5MB each, no Youtube and I do quite a lot of Wifi Hotspot, there are websites I use at work that are not accessible when using the LAN for internet. Wifi Hotspot consumes a lot of battery life, my Z10 was taking a beating in that regard and I was content with 5 hours from full battery to 0%. Within those 5 hours was at least one hour of Wifi Hotspot. On the Z30 I making it through the day, currently I have done 2 hours of Wifi Hotspot and battery is just below 40% with an uptime of 8 since I took it off the charger.

Network Connectivity
I work in an area of Sandton which is like a ditch, on low ground and far from the busy central business district. With my BlackBerry Z10 I could get good network coverage outside the work premises but once sat on my desk I would lose connectivity probably something to do with the building design or too much interference. So I had a perfect place to test out the endurance of the BlackBerry Z30 in that regard. I was eager to see how the Paratek Antenna would stand up to the notorious building. I am happy to confirm that I am getting all 5 bars of network service. So no gimmick, this technology really works in those headache places like basements and remote areas.

Camera Performance
I have seen people frown on the BlackBerry Z30 for having an 8MP camera, often comparing it to the BlackBerry Z10. But like I saw, the megapixels are only half the yardstick to measure how good a camera is, much goes to the medium through which the image is viewed. The Z30 has an OLED display and images appear sharper, even those I took on my Z10 look much different once I had moved them to Z30. The image editor also comes with more options and enhancements.

BlackBerry 10.2 Software
This is a major highlight of the BlackBerry experience, the 10.2 update to the operating system brings a lot of new features which I am still discovering so this will not be exhaustive:

Text Editors
When you are in any type form (text, email, BBM, Whatsapp..) and you select text an on screen pop up will show up with options to Copy, Select All or Share as shown below, yes you can share textlines to Email, BBM, BBM Group, Text Messaging and other Social Media.

Text Editor - Copy, Select All & Share

When you go to another type form and touch the empty space it will display the options to Paste, Selective Select, Select All or Share as shown below:


Text Editor - Paste, Selective Selection, Select All & Share
The above are the additions that came with the 10.2 update, the options for Bold, Italics, Underline, bullets, font adjustments, and text colour remain as on the 10.1 software.
Messaging Handling

The gesture based interface made things easy with Peak, in line with the motto #Keepmoving 10.2 update brings the feature to reply to BBM & Whatsapp and other social media from within any application or home screen, when the message comes in, you will see it at the top of the screen, you can tap on it to go to the application, tap the instant reply option to send a quick reply from wherever you are. Below is screen shot of a BBM reply straight from within the Settings Menu:

Reply BBM, Text, Email, Whatsapp from Anywhere

BBM Natural Sound
You probably have heard of BBM Natural Sound, I set out to make a test call, a BBM Voice call. It was amazing how the clarity of the call came through as if you are speaking to the person face to face. This is not only great for BBM Voice and Video, since the application comes with screen share, this will be an awesome way to share that awesome stadium atmosphere, that party and other events and make the people being shared with hear it as if they part of the proceeding. Think of a sales man selling a hi-fi audio system telephonically and the customer wants to know how the sound works out, they can have screen share with natural sound without having to be in loco. BlackBerry is built with business savvy users in mind, Natural Sound can bring Executives in different countries to speak as if they are in one room, no problems of distorted sound.

BBM Voice & Video with Natural Sound

App Manager

This is a nice feature which allows you to see what is happening on the device, it has a Device Monitor which is like the Task Manager on your Windows PC and also View Default Apps which sets what application will be used for certain tasks such as opening maps will be dedicated to either of Google Maps, BlackBerry Maps or other application.

The Device Monitor is the best, it allows one to see how open apps are performing or those running in the background, suppose an application is leaking memory you can see how much it is using and also check those apps which run in the background which can potentially use up data. This is a great tool for diagnosing source of problems on the smart phone.  Below is a screen shot of the Device Monitor:

Device Monitor in App Manager

Round Up
So this is not a full review of all the specifications, I picked up additions to the features added on BlackBerry 10.2 update. There is still much to discover like how the phone adjusts to how you are consuming content for example if you receive a voice note on Whatsapp and play it with the phone on your desk or hands, the audio will come out of the loud speakers, when you move the phone to your ear piece it will recognise this and audio will come through ear piece without you changing anything. More hidden features will be unearthed and highlighted, thank you.


BlackBerry Z30 Review - Hardware

So we have seen reviews from PhonearenaCrackBerry et al, I managed to get my hands on the BlackBerry Z30 & did a test drive. What follows is a review based on 2 days testing hence it will not be complete but will be adding more features as I discover them. So here goes.

In The Box
Here you will find the phone, a USB cable, 2 pin charger, a set of headphones and depening on egion you can get the UK 3 PIN charger. You will find that there is not battery because the Z30 has a non-removable battery, the first on a BlackBerry Device.

The Boxed Accessories
Setting Up The Phone
This is very easy if you have BlackBerry Link or Desktop Manager software, just connect your old phone and initiate a device switch. For step by step instructions on how to do this, Click Here. You will get step by step method of doing this.
One thing I found about the BlackBerry Z30 that will likely annoy you is removing the back cover to insert Micro-SD card and Micro-SIM card. The cover is not made to be removed many times so it’s made to fit well and that means you will need nails to open it, unfortunately I had cut mine down to the base so I had nothing to work with. I also check on the internet to see if there is a trick to do it and I found something here courtesy of CrackBerry but still that was not enough. After I had opened it I decided to take some pictures so when someone faces the same problem they can refer and know what they need to do.
Facing Down/Latch Contact Areas
In this position the phone is facing down, in Green is the left cover latch and in red is the right side latch. So to open put your finger in the opening where you place your finger nail then slide it to the right or left until you lift off the latch for one side, repeat the same going to the other side.
Latch Contact Areas on Cover
Above is the screen shot of the cover itself showing the right and left latches and their positioning so that when you open it, you will have a sense of how much your finger should move before initiating a lift. Of course if you have longer finger nails this might not be much of a problem to you.


The Full Rear View
Above is a snap shot of the back of the Z30, of course the battery is hidden below as it is non-removable. The Micro-SIM & Micro-SD card slots are also marked for easy reference, the departure from previous BlackBerries is that instead of the gold chip/connectors facing down, you now insert them facing upwards.
Initially thought of making it a one review but didn’t want to bore you with a lengthy one so I thought I will do hardware. I have left out some stuff which I believe the referenced reviewers delved much into. So let’s take a break and we will look at what’s inside the phone in terms of usability.

~~ END~~


Saturday, October 12, 2013

My Defining Moments of Life Part I: Morgan High School 1997

“You can't connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future.” - Steve Jobs

1997 was a defining year for me at Morgan, I wasn't a bad student but being raised by a single mom took its toll. The freedom turned into waywardness while mum was away from home fending for her children. The day God allowed the soul of my father to depart this earth was a defining one. Kenneth Hagin sums up well how his heart felt for his mum in one of his messages, the feeling is mutual.

So it happened that one day I was late for school with one guy who was in Form 4B2 called Kuda, to avoid punishment we went to Mukuvisi bridge which was close to the NRZ yard, we chilled there reading some magazine, bags on the floor looking into the water. One guy called Luberto a brother to my classmate Michael Luberto grabbed my bag and Kuda hassled his from him, we wanted to make a run for it but he quickly checked my bag saw a book with my name and class then said I'm brother to Michael and a member of the School Dev. Association, let's go to the Headmaster, I tried negotiation but this guy wouldn't budge. Kuda refused so we went, taken to Gundani Senior Master, lucky Nyaruviro was out as he was the Deputy at the time, Masanganise was on leave. Gundani gave me 3 canes, I refused knowing who the form 4 guy was, just said we met near the gate.

I was told I'm being suspended and must come back with my parent, I could not tell my mum this as it was too much. I went home and said levy arrears are needed and I must come after only I paid. My mom was broke so I had to stay home; it was about 3 weeks before school term ends. If I had not returned by closing day I would consider myself expelled from school. A classmate Givemore stayed close to my home in Chitown, he was sent with an ultimatum letter 7 days from closing day, I opened it and shred it to pieces. My form teacher Mr. Chikwanda was also not in good books with me, he was ecstatic, this was payback and he couldn't wait to rip me to shreds, Gundani also was happy that one of the naughty ones was caught offside, I was ready for the slaughter but not as a lamb but guilty as a fox cornered by sheep.

The money for levy was finally gathered but my mom wouldn't lose a day of chasing much needed money to attend some petty levy issue. I look back at these events and thank God, it's a major reason I turned to God and always insist on faith because I know what Grace looks like, how Grace operates and the how Grace does not condemn. I wouldn't say it was down to my wit that events turned out the way they did. On the day of closing school, I went with my sister to meet Gundani & Chikwanda, I was prepared for any eventuality, I was broken, scared and scarred, and I had resigned to fate. It so happened that we arrived late I think about 12 midday, saw a few students who grinned knowing my plight and marvelled, some had that look, "so long sucker, your luck ran dry". You see Mr. Nyaruviro had been telling classmates I was caught at Mankis Paradise, it had been reported earlier that students from Roosevelt, Cranborne and other schools were meeting at some places in Mukuvisi to have sex and do drugs. So the story was I was caught there with some ladies busy in drugs. This is one of the 2 reasons I never indulge in drugs because I was out to tell my story, to write my history which was already in tatters.

It turned out Mr. Chikwanda and Mr. Gundani had decided to leave early for home or were holed up somewhere in meetings, so it was straight to Mr. Masanganise the Headmaster. The story of levy was recited to him, my sister innocent as a nun busy parroting my line, if God was merciless, He would have sent an angel to rebuke me and tell the whole truth, nothing but the truth. The truth sets us free indeed, but the Grace of God qualifies us where we fall very short of qualification. Mr. Masanganise, bless his soul may he rest in eternal peace. He accepted the story, enquired, "is it why you have been suspended?” I muttered yyes sir. He said the case is solved; you can come back to school next term.

I was off the hang man's noose, declared not guilty! I said there must be a greater power up there. Went home and told my partners in crime that I'm sorted now. They could not believe it. You see the devil can drive you into a corner, see your life from the future and do all he can to derail it because when I join the dots looking back, many see a mess, I see Grace. Third term came, first day at school I was seated in my class and boy the classmates were having a go at me, asking about the drugs the girls and how Mukuvisi was. This world is cruel and many judgmental people are out there, if I was the violent type that day in B23 I would have committed murder or maimed some that I would have found myself back on suspension. Mr. Chikwanda came and ran his eyes over his class, saw me and wore a wide devilish grin, the Grim Reaper type, white turned into a probe, "urikutsvagei muclass mangu?" I said the Headmaster allowed me. He said no way under hell is it possible, declared it a lie. So was told "follow me" as the demon possessed classmates chuckled in glee, so down the corridor, down the stairs and right outside his door was Mr. Gundani, he was equally happy to see this hapless soul. He like Mr. Chikwanda dismissed my story as bullcrap.
The headmaster did not help my cause, pardon his old age, he had no recollection of seeing me on the last day, so off I went to bring evidence that I was there, my sister and when the Headmaster saw her he said I remember now, yes I solved this case he can go to class, I had won a match played in hell, Chikwanda was dejected. But this was my route to recovery, some months later I was receiving my O Level results, I had managed some As and Bs and few Cs, I had done better than most who had written me off. Life is tough, the people in life make it tougher but that also toughens you up. The struggles we go through eventually define the people we become. Steve Jobs was right about the dots, one day they will all connect and we can give back to the schools of hard knocks where we were knocked into the right paths.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Solution: Issues of BBM Display Picture Not Updating/Changing


BlackBerry 4.6, 5, 6, 7 & 10
BlackBerry Software/BBM Application


There have been users reporting that their display pictures are not changing as viewed from their contacts. On own handheld it will be possible to put a new BBM display picture but an old picture remains on the contacts handheld. The following solutions had been proposed albeit without resolving the problem:

  • Battery pull for 2 minutes.
  • Handheld software reinstall
  • Security Wipe on the handheld
  • Removing contact and re-adding the contact to BBM


This could be emanating from device switch, replacement of a BlackBerry phone with a new one, running concurrent sessions of BBM on two handhelds using one BlackBerry ID.

In my case I had BlackBerry Curve 8520 and replaced it with the BlackBerry Q10. After doing the device switch all data was moved to the Q10 with no problem. After sometime I noticed the display picture on the Q10 was not changing as viewed from my BlackBerry Z10. After trying out a few fixes the problem did not resolve, I was sceptical of doing the Security Wipe & software reinstall on the Q10 as data might be lost, after all this was just a display picture issue which didn’t really hinder functionality on handheld except that sometimes you want to show off or inform your contacts using the display picture to put the message across. Can imagine an engaged woman who puts a picture of her finger with a ring only to be told by the friends we are seeing an old picture on their contact list.

I realised that I had used to BlackBerry Curve via WIFI after doing a device switch, I had activated BBM/Email during that instance so it was one BlackBerry ID connected to 2 devices. On checking the Curve 8520 I realised the display picture on it was the one my contacts on the Q10 were stuck with and unable to see the changes done from the Q10.

  • I took my Curve 8520 from where I had stored it, then did a SecurityWipe (I no longer used it and the data was moved to the Q10 already).
  • After doing the security wipe, I checked and my Z10 was still showing the old Display picture on the Q10.
  • I them removed the current display picture on the Q10, and instantly the display picture as viewed from the Z10 went to blank/no picture.
  • I put another picture on the Q10 and it was updated on the Z10.
  • So if you do this procedure and the picture seems not to change, don’t worry, after you put a new picture or remove and put it back this should resolve.

How to Prevent This Happening

We all know the adage, prevention is better than cure! Now to avoid having this problem recurring or happening the following must be done:
  1. If you get a new BlackBerry and give the old one to a friend, cousin, child et al, do a security wipe first. If you give them as is, your BlackBerry ID remains attached to the phone, when they begin to use it BBM will restore on your BlackBerry ID can cause the problem.
  2. If you are to use your old handheld after doing a switch, make sure you do not link it with your BlackBerry ID or you can create a new BlackBerry ID and link it so that there are no 2 devices sharing one ID.
  3. If you lost your phone, make use of BlackBerry Protect so that you can do a remote wipe.

NB: If the proposed solution failed to work in your instance, comment below so we can continue to explore if there is another cause.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Sulu ft. Salma – Ruby Ruby Lyrics (Big Brother The Chase Song)

V-I-V-O, yogo, yogo eh, eh eh, yogo, yogo, eh
Ruby, Ruby, Ruby *Ruby*
Baby you’re my Ruby *Ruby*
Ruby, Ruby, Ruby *Ruby*
Honey you’re my Ruby *Ruby*
Sweetie you’re my Ruby *Ruby*
Baby you’re my Ruby *Ruby*
Baby you’re my Ruby *Ruby*
Salma you’re my Ruby *Ruby*
Welibwe lyandi, you’re my precious stone
Welibwe lyandi, you’re my precious stone
I’ll never let you go, kukusiya noo!
I’ll never let you go, kukusiya noo!
You’re my African Man; you give me Shaka Zulu Loving
You’re my everything honey,   I’ll never let you go
You’re my African Man; you give me Shaka Zulu Loving
You’re my everything honey; I’ll never let you go Rubyyy
Ruby, Ruby, Ruby *Ruby*
Baby you’re my Ruby *Ruby*
Ruby, Ruby, Ruby *Ruby*
Sweetie you’re my Ruby *Ruby*
Ruby, Ruby, Ruby *Ruby*
Honey you’re my Ruby *Ruby*
Ruby, Ruby, Ruby *Ruby*
Sulu you’re my Ruby *Ruby*
Sweetie come we dance eh, Ruby bwela tivine
Sweetie come we dance oww ah, Ruby Bwela tivine
Wherever I go my sweetie darling, you’ll be my Ruby!
Pantu ichitemwiko chobe, chalilowa kwati buchi
You’ll always be my baby *Sulu*
You’ll always be my honey*Salma*
You’ll always be my baby*Sulu*
I’ll never let you go (both) X 2
Ruby, Ruby, Ruby *Ruby*
Baby you’re my Ruby *Ruby*
Ruby, Ruby, Ruby *Ruby*
Honey you’re my Ruby *Ruby*
Sweetie you’re my Ruby *Ruby*
Baby you’re my Ruby *Ruby*
Baby you’re my Ruby *Ruby*
Salma you’re my Ruby *Ruby*
Ruby, Ruby, Ruby *Ruby*
Sweetie you’re my Ruby *Ruby*
Ruby, Ruby, Ruby *Ruby*
Honey you’re my Ruby *Ruby*
Ruby, Ruby, Ruby *Ruby*
Baby you’re my Ruby *Ruby*
Wherever I go my sweetie darling, you’ll be my Ruby!
Wherever I go my sweetie darling, you’ll be my Ruby!

Image Courtesy of: blazingjamz.blogspot.com

Feza, she’s a Ruby
Biguesas, he’s a Ruby
LK4, he’s a Ruby
Koketso, he’s a Ruby
Pokello, she’s a Ruby
Angelo, he’s a Ruby
Elikem, he’s a Ruby
Neyll, he’s a Ruby
You’ll always be my baby *Sulu*
You’ll always be my honey*Salma*
You’ll always be my baby*Sulu*
I’ll never let you go (both)
You’re my African Man; you give me Shaka Zulu Loving
You’re my everything honey; I’ll never let you go
Ruby, Ruby, Ruby *Ruby*
Baby you’re my Ruby *Ruby*
Ruby, Ruby, Ruby *Ruby*
Sweetie you’re my Ruby *Ruby*
Ruby, Ruby, Ruby *Ruby*
Honey you’re my Ruby *Ruby*
Ruby, Ruby, Ruby *Ruby*
Baby you’re my Ruby *Ruby*
Ruby, Ruby, Ruby *Ruby*
Baby you’re my Ruby *Ruby*
Ruby, Ruby, Ruby *Ruby*
Honey you’re my Ruby *Ruby*
Sweetie you’re my Ruby *Ruby*
Baby you’re my Ruby *Ruby*
Baby you’re my Ruby *Ruby*
Salma you’re my Ruby *Ruby*
O’Neill, he’s a Ruby
Natasha, she’s a Ruby
Maria, he’s a Ruby
Fatima, she’s a Ruby
Eveva, she’s a Ruby
Dillish, she’s a Ruby
Cleo, she’s a Ruby
Even Bassey, he’s a Ruby
Annabel, she’s a Ruby
Melvin, he’s a Ruby
Biverly, she’s a Ruby
Suluuuu…..Even Selly that’s my Ruby
Honey you’re my Ruby *Salma*
I.K. you’re a Ruby
Biggy you’re a Ruby
Salma *booma-ye*
Africa, Africa, Africa I love you,
Africa, Afriii ooh!! Africa aaah
Zambia, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Malawi, Tanzania,
South Africa, Ghana, Nigeria, Siella Reone
Uganda, Uganda, Ethiopia, Ethiopia, Malawi, Malawi,
Keeenya, ah Botswana, Botswana,ah Namibia, Namibia…
Ahh, mmmh  ana Motamma, Huddah, Bolt…..
Hakeem, Denzel, Betty, JJ…..
Busi, Jazz, Alusa, Sophie
Hey Sulu what about also Bimp *Salma*
Ahh okay, he’s also a Ruby…
Credit to Moses Phiri for the vernacular lines.

Monday, August 19, 2013

SADC: Mafia Grouping or a Genuine Grouping with Wananchi at Heart?

Ndugu na dada, the weekend came and went, so did the SADC summit. The high expectations of the citizens of SADC was met with nothing but despair more bitterly so for the citizens of Zimbabwe. Coming from a blatantly stolen vote, NIKUVED into what they call free & peaceful election, never ask where the “fair” went, this is Africa wananchi, things change so are the words to describe events like elections. But don’t fool yourself about things changing in as far as poverty is concerned, no, no, that one is a constant on this sun scorched continent where days are nevertheless always getting colder for the ordinary people with much expectation to rise from the hot dust of this unforgiving land. To add salt to the injury to the hearts of the multitude of Zimbabweans Mr. Mugabe was made the deputy chair of the SADC body, yes if you don’t believe me wait for the Communiqué to come today.  What this simply means is that he will be the next SADC Chairperson in August 2014! Can you stomach that? I see many puke with their mouth agape. Hitherto SADC seemed a credible body in whom Zimbabweans placed so much trust despite feeling Thabo Mbeki shoved them under the bus many times to give our seats of dignity to ZANUPF big egos. Now it seems this little trust has all but been erased. If any of you out there have faith in SADC well you must be one of those in its leadership. Many are asking themselves what happened. Is it a horrible dream the old hag type they call Madzikirira in Shona, no its reality you will only sleep from it but never wake up out of it. Questions are being asked as to why this can be, I will try to expound my own reasons from a man on the street perspective, and my reasons might be a result of the nightmarish situation we find ourselves but forgive me, if ever we wake up from this reality I will retract:

1. What Happened to SADC Election Guidelines?

The SADC bloc has nice looking principles for holding elections, 10 in all. Even for primary school kids they can tell you more than half were not in Zimbabwean elections but still SADC endorsed the elections. Well the reality which Africans must know is that our leaders have mastered the art of deceit. Those guidelines were never authored by you the ordinary men of SADC, neither were you ever consulted about them. Africa is the continent led by the blind and in most cases the blind in our world live off state social services/pension or as in African case, begging. So those guidelines are the top 10 nice songs our leaders sing to EU, USA, Japan, UN, World Bank et al when they extend the begging bowl. Yes the millions they need to fatten themselves come from that top 10. The guidelines are purely for that, nothing to do with you and me. So never cry foul about those guidelines again, they are not for you to use but for them to beg. That is why the rich nations were not invited to observe the elections in Zimbabwe, unlce Bob was just told behind the scenes not to invite them lest they report to the financiers of aid that only 3 songs were sung at the elections and result in reduced aid. The reason for SADC existence is found in the reason it came into being viz, “when the leaders of majority-ruled countries and national liberation movements coordinated their political, diplomatic and military struggles to bring an end to colonial and white-minority rule in southern Africa.” Nothing about democracy there or free and fair elections.

2. The Ripple Effect/The Perfect Alibi

The other SADC countries are going to be holding elections in less than a year notably Malawi and South Africa. EFF is making noise in South Africa, they are wearing red berets like MDCT of Zimbabwe, and this might be a bad omen to them. They must change to green maybe. Also NIKUV now has offices or a branch in South Africa, SA system of democracy seems to be water tight but think of one person not finding their name on the voters’ roll in Mpumalanga, who would care to listen to that cry of one man? But in a nation of about 60 million if 500,000 are missing can it be glaringly clear they were NIKUVED? Malema’s nationalisation/expropriation agenda puts him at opposite end with the predominantly powerful forces in the economy. Looking at the courts which side will they likely take between Malema vs. Owners? So the EFF might just be told to EF off with their cries of being shut out. When leadership is on the side of the powerful nations e.g UK, EU, USA then expect no justice even from courts, Gukurahundi happened when there were courts of law in Zimbabwe lest we forget. More interesting for Malawi is that by the time they go for polls the President Joyce Banda will still be at the helm of SADC, God help the opposition in Malawi because they might have to cry to their abuser for justice. Maybe the right things will be done in that nation but they must start praying now. So everyone in SADC can benefit from Mr. Mugabe leading the way to steal and be credible.

3. Something is Cooking Behind the Scenes?

The kind of shock elicited by the events of 31 July 2013 and the SADC meeting on 17 August 2013 can often lead to setting aside of our convictions in denial. Some are saying Mr. Mugabe has promised SADC to undo the stealing and give back the goods in some form or fashion. Others have had hallucinatory imagination that Morgan Tsvangirai would be made the first Vice President to take over from the man since he is old. This sounds outlandish but is it not a fact many a prophets give correct prophecies while in a state of trance, remember John begins the book of Revelation after preface saying, “I was in the spirit on the Lord’s day”. So dismiss the delusions at your own peril, we are Zimbos is anything too surprising? After all Mai. Mujuru is quoted as having hinted she is ready to lead because Gushungo might be recalled soon by the man above. This is before even the swearing in ceremony, does she know something or just making a claim like the Sea Gulls in Finding Nemo yelping “Mine”, “Mine”, “Mine” to the chagrin of the chaos faction as my leader Tendai Biti would say? We are made to believe a war for the throne is in full swing. Too bad the chaos faction is led by Emerson Mnangagwa who is rightly named Ngwena meaning crocodile, as you all know crocodiles have no voice, they never speak (ever heard a crocodile cry?). While the Zebras and Wildebeests talk the crocodile remains submerged & shows up at strike so we will never know what Ngwena is up to, might he sink Mujuru one way or the other?  If Mai. Mujuru is to sink one way or the other then be guaranteed the Zebras and Wildebeests in her entourage will feel it’s time to dry the pool and result in the crocodile facing death too. Now when that happens, you can expect that man from Humanikwa Morgan Tsvangirai to pounce and make a surprise shoot to the top. Apart from Mujuru and Mnangagwa ZANUPF has no other leader, the former can thrive on her good heart the latter from the mean tactics, the rest are just sheeple with the weakest spines, remember the scary one who was battered in the house by the small looking wife?

4. The Prophets have Spoken in Many Ways

This might sound farfetched or a non-reason at all. But Zimbabweans have seen many dark days that when prophets speak they take the word for fact. Never mind the many who dismiss these Men of God as fakes out to make a dollar, check most opponents of Prophecy use fake Facebook profiles. Yes, let me make it known to you here and now, a fake Facebook profile doing politics in support of ZANUPF is 9 out 10 times likely to be someone who calls themselves CIO. They are employed to do that to dilute opinion, if you think I lie, look for Zimbabwe news on websites like timeslive.co.za, mg.co.za, sowetanlive.co.za, newsday.co.zw, dailynews.co.zw check in comments sections you will see an alias that recurs many times and has all the time to post replies fighting in the regime’s corner. So don’t expect CIO to be always intelligent, some are just dumb with a laptop and earn for commenting 24 hours.

Back to the prophets, Maxillar Mumo, Emmanuel Makandiwa, Jordan House all came out with prophecies concerning Zimbabwe especially the time we are living in. For Makandiwa it was a hidden one which his close associates’ claims was about Zimbabwe. Jordan House and Maxillar have been specific. They both are explicit that Zimbabwe is poised for political change with the old leadership giving way to a new dispensation. So the manoeuvres by SADC can be seen in the light of these prophecies, God will do His own work and all the glory will be given to Him and Him alone. So maybe SADC have taken their stance to allow fulfilment of God’s work. Before Saturday Zimbabweans have been holding on to SADC and prophets, now it is clear they are only left holding on to God through the prophets. Many are asking how this can be fulfilled when on the ground all looks opposite. The children of Israel must have asked the same cornered before the Red Sea but then God did the unexpected. God is God so rather let Him be the only hope that remains in you when all else has collapsed and failed, for all things we can never give up on the man above. To those who do not believe in God, its end of the road for them, these avoid because they are angry and will take matters into their own hands without much thought.

So for now Wananchi, this is where we are, a reality we wish was a nightmare and wake up from, but we can only sleep from it and wake up to it. But stand firm; keep the flame of hope burning, darkness might seem to be vast know this, a small light in a dark place can be seen from great distances. One day you will forget the pain but never forget the lessons.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Zimbabwe Are You Ready to Cross Over? These ZANOIDS You Shall See Again No More...

It was a day like any other in 1998, we woke took a bath and soon we were on Kukura Kurerwa buses heading to school. By the time we were at school at about 11:00am we heard things had changed, there were no more buses to take us back to Chitungwiza, the stay away to challenge the deteriorating situation on the country had turned violent in some areas, no one wanted to risk damage to their buses. The school made a decision to release us, so the great trek began joining other multitudes going to Chitungwiza. This was about exactly a year after Black Friday (14 November 1997) when the Zimbabwe dollar lost 75% of its value against the Greenback, the days when Woe Vets had been paid ZW$50,000.00 minimum, through some war victims compensation fund enquiry we learnt some got paid for being 95% disabled whereas they could walk and were gainfully employed.

The events of 1998 stay-aways thrust one stocky fellow onto the socio-politico issues of Zimbabwe, this was the entrance of Morgan Tsvangirai onto the political scene of Zimbabwe. He had pulled off a major stunt that resulted in looting and deployment of the military in urban areas, who can forget the tear gas when our hoods were turned into a war zone? Soon the brainy among the society pushed for a political party, Morgan Tsvangirai had demonstrated that he has the pedigree that most in Zimbabwe dreaded, to face up to the brute of Mugabe’s regime. It was a silent giant that silently crushed any opposition to its quiescence, Tekere and his ZUM had tried something long after Joshua Nkomo’s ZAPU had been crushed in pursuit of one party state, something that Mugabe craves even to this day, hope the certificate he was handed by one phony man of Baal will somewhat appease his old spirit. We rallied behind Movement for Democratic Change, Morgan had the charisma and simplicity which most would fall in love with, going with his slogan Chinja Maitiro, a slogan which has outlived “ivhu kuvanhu”, “upfumi kuvadiki”, “Zimbabwe Will Never Be a Colony” and other litany of such coined by ZANUPF. What we never imagined is how this sleeping monster called ZANUPF was ruthless, I am sure this monster has a seat in hell, if Jesus the Son of God sits on the right hand of Jehovah, I imagine ZANUPF has a seat on the left side of the devil himself. Many a times I have entered into debate with staunch ZANUPF supporters, who double up as CIOs but mostly are genuine Christians, when the debate got heated we ended up asking one another if what ZANUPF was doing was right before God? The famous response I got many times was “Ru you know my stand regarding violence”. Those same CIOs sought wisdom of God I am sure, they are not stepping into Zimbabwe before or on 31 July 2013, you might be sent on an errand to abduct, kill or torture and find yourself on 10 August sentenced to life in prison.


What is evident is that this monster had things worked out from 2000, but what they never could quench was the dissatisfaction by the people of its ways land reform was a perfect alibi to butcher and maim, but it soon came to an end, for the first time SADC and other African countries got to see the face of the monster how it was fast killing and consuming its offspring. This was a mammoth monster I imagine, perhaps if God could reveal the spiritual strongman behind ZANUPF’s brute how horrendous would it be? I leave that to imagination. Soon SADC sought to protect the offspring; it absorbed most of them into its care who also cared for those left behind. To the people of Zimbabwe we thought dislodging ZANUPF was a physical battle, a vote here and it’s a done deal. We were day dreaming, ZANU ndeyeropa, we had not awakened to the true meaning of this, and little did we know it was baying for spiritual blood. Thank God for that man, Thabo Mbeki, how we loved lampooning him then,. But he knew the dangers of awakening the monster that its power was being chipped little by little, nudging it out of its comfort corner.
While SADC did its bit, the people’s eyes were opened to the spiritual reality. Why is it we humans try out of our own fallible intellect before asking God Infallible wisdom? Zimbabwe soon found itself seeking God in ways we never did before. Prophets soon became the talk of the nation, Emmanuel Makandiwa and Uebert Angel wowed the nation with miracle gold, miracle diamond et al. At the beginning of the year Makandiwa made a prophetic proclamation of seeing a great wall coming down and he could not elaborate because of the environment, many alluded to the fact that he did not want to awaken the monster to its demise lest it sinks with many of the offspring. Then there was that Judgment Night at National Sports Stadium which attracted over 100,000 people. The theme was the enemy of the people will die. The loquacious Zimbabweans pointed to Robert Mugabe and ZANUPF leading to Makandiwa refusing and saying it was anything that stood in a person’s life be it enchantment or sorcery. These past 3 months, I have hardly heard from Makandiwa or Angel, they are quiet, I am sure somewhere in the mountains you will find them praying and interceding for the nation and elections.

Jordan House earlier made a prophecy about political change coming to Zimbabwe. Who remembers Cindy Jacobs’ prophecy, given 31 October 1998, here it is again verbatim:

"The river is going to flow through Zimbabwe and I see a powerful
torrent of water, a mighty rushing torrent, many fish. I see that there are strongholds in the church, of division and the accuser of the brethren is active to discourage souls. An army of women with the Deborah anointing will march across the land. They will be like a net all over Zimbabwe with prayer. With a powerful anointing, the women first and the men following. I see ancient thrones coming down,reconciliation between black and white, the spirit of racism which goes back further down the tribes.
I will use Zimbabwe like a jewel, she will help feed the world with
beautiful produce. God will break the curse that came through civil war - the curse will be broken. (I know nothing about Zimbabwe.) The land will produce beautiful beef. New factories will be built. Zimbabwe has the ministry of reconciliation that will unite the African people. The anointing of reconciliation will be all over Zimbabwe. Do not be afraid of the change, although it looks like you are going backwards. I have a plan for you.

Satan thinks he is advancing, but I will expose wickedness at high levels. Do not be afraid. Satan will try to bring war; this army will be used to stop war and bloodshed. A treaty will be written with other nations. Zimbabwe will be like Switzerland to bring the healing of nations - to break ancient things. Your nation came through trickery but God will restore it. You will be given a piece of land - a beautiful place to pray. You will build a place to watch and pray. It will be like a compound with a place to sleep. The Annas will give their lives for intercession. Senior citizens will have places to stay and give their time to pray day
and night."

For long we debated this prophecy, pondered it and tried to enquire into it. But when we look at Zimbabwe in 2013, 15 years later, we can see a difference. The crises of life sent people scurrying for spiritual cover; people were no longer timid Christians. When we look, would we be called drunk to say God has raised an army of prayer warriors? There were those foolish times we thought the army to stop bloodshed is a physical army in the mould of ZNA, how foolish we were to marry the prophecy with the realities which we want? It was an army of prayerful people. I remember Kenneth Hagin saying, prayer and especially prayer in tongues will deliver to you the victory that has been won in the spirit. As far as God is concerned, Zimbabwe is a done deal!

So like Elijah who went to Mount Carmel to pray for rain, he tarried in prayer with his servant not seeing any sign of rain but the reality in the spirit realm is that God had already sent forth rain over the land. So let’s continue in prayer for our nation, for our people, for those against the will of God. Trying to overthrow the anointing is no easy thing, the devil will push you and continue to push. If you do not switch sides and lose on the devil’s side, he can destroy you. It is my prayer that none would be found guilty to stand before the hangman or firing squad on account of their deeds on behalf of the devil. The devil uses, kills and discards if you fail, that is why everyone who joins Satanism will be told if you fail then you have to die, it’s to kill the truth that he is a defeated foe. So rejoice Zimbabwe, you came a long way, remain steadfast in prayer and intercession, like Kenneth Hagin, “let our prayers bring us into the victory already won in the spirit."

This morning I woke up wondering why Morgan Tsvangirai’s rally was called, “The Cross Over”? Who advised him to name it as such? Maybe Nelson Chamisa who was in prayer most times according to his facebook wall. But let’s cross over indeed Zimbabwe. We don’t want to hear “Zimbabwe ndeyeropa again”, “Mbuya Nehanda must RIP” and the name of the Lord must be called upon our nation. Amen!!