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Monday, July 18, 2016


This blog post seeks to answer some of the questions that have been raised against Evan Mawarire. Since his release on Wednesday propaganda against him has risen tremendously, it began with Lance Guma's Nehanda Radio saying he has sought asylum in USA. Then came the myriad of Facebook posts giving some convincing arguments that Evan Mawarire is a CIO or a tool being used by ZANUPF. Now if you are a follower of Strive Masiyiwa's page, you will know that he works by principles, one such principle I've adopted with good results is "FACT CHECKING". Zimbabweans badly need that principle in their lives especially with regards to politics. As I write this blog I'm listening to Kenneth E. Hagin's "Doubt, Fear and Unbelief". In this sermon he says Doubt and Unbelief robbed a whole city of Nazareth of miracles. Now can Doubt and Unbelief rob a whole country Zimbabwe of the miracle of freedom?

Non-violent Engagement

When Evan began this flag campaign he has advocated for no violence a point he emphasizes in almost every video he has posted. We all know that ZRP is trigger happy and if they wanted to deter any citizen movement they would put an element violence or physical confrontation. This principle made people comfortable enough to go to Rotten Row despite heavy police presence. He has inculcated this principle so much that if you see people purporting to be behind #ThisFlag and advocating for