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Friday, September 16, 2011

Zimbabwean Wikileaks: The Patriots Spoke!!!

The article below was originally written on Sunday,December 12, 2010 as a note on facebookwhen US diplomatic cables were beginning to surface. I have decided to post it as a blog in the light of events taking place within Zimbabwe given the fact that more cables were released pertaining to ZANU-PF, MDC & Zimbabwe Security Agencies. With hindsight, it is evident that there are still a lot of people within Zimbabwe, particularly ZANU-PF who are eager to see things changes for the good. I will pen another blog to analyze the current scenario further after going through most of the cables.

There has been animosity toward Wikileaks releasing information detailing PM Morgan Tsvangirai's conversations with US Embassy, ZANU PF sympathizers have jumped to highlight that Morgan was urging sanctions. Well if I was in his position I would advocate the same, imagine ZANU PF without target sanctions, how would the shopping trips to fashion cities like Madrid, Paris be? Then there is the issue of stashing wealth. Truth is these people's preferred place is the west, the look east is just sour grapes, if sanctions are removed you will see, deep down Mugabe has admiration for UK, they made him, his style et al has a Buckingham signature about it, enough of this, let's talk business.

I have a note posted before this one detailing the life & aspirations of Julius Assange and his purpose for Wikileaks. He is an advocate of a free society where governments have to be transparent and information is not withheld from the populace. This is one thing that makes me believe in his cause, how many clandestine deals are done by governments, in South Africa there is the famous arms scandal for example, in Zimbabwe far too many to mention from the seventies up to present, how nice it would be to have the rumours confirmed by hard facts e.g. findings of Dumbutshena Commission, the Willowgate scandal, disappearance of many political figures. Zimbabwe is a gold mine for the most astounding leaks ever if not the most gruesome. Knowing this I am upbeat about Wikileaks.

It is important to understand how Wikileaks operate, though Julian Assange is a very good Cryptographer who learnt hacking (he started hacking at about 10 years), he now uses his exceptional wisdom to create and maintain a system that ensures information passed to Wikileaks cannot be sniffed to uncover its origin or source. With regard to the US Embassy cables, many say Bradley Manning is the source but I doubt it, he might be the easy scapegoat. So Wikileaks relies on leaks at points within the systems, once they receive it, they verify it for authenticity prior to publishing. From here we can see that for leaks to occur there must be the following:

1. Some corruption or underhand dealing, terror plan, a repression etc.
2. A person within the system bold enough to say enough is enough.
3. A person who feels what is happening does not bode well with democracy or what is acceptable.
4. A conviction to stand for what is right.
Nothing Describes The Events in Zimbabwe Better

Given the afore-mentioned, how many people in Zimbabwe joined the army to genuinely defend the citizens of Zimbabwe? How many members of CIO are tired of the status-quo but feel hemmed in? How many members of the police force are right thinking, undefiled citizens who witness torture or even engage in it against their conscience? If you make a mind map I am sure you can find many such within the system. So we can rightly say there are many men and women who meet the above, who have the same feeling as Winston Smith of George Orwell's 1984. People willing to stand up for righteousness but feel too insignificant to do anything, hitherto their outlet was newspapers only whose Editors were at times informed by fear and backtracked, ladies & gentlemen, Wikileaks might be a platform we can use to counter injustice, make the voice of those trapped within the system count.

As it is we are going into an election period, chances are those against the will of the people have designed a road map, could this be in print, on hard disk, pen drive, on e-mail, fax, PABX record? Any of these media is accessible to secretaries, agents or employees, which is where we need the super-patriots to stand up for what is right, to give the system a middle finger, in a small way we can make a big impact to change the course of the future forever for the truth is our gateway to freedom.

We all have relatives, friends, wives, husbands, nephews, nieces, neighbours who work within the system; we recall many a times they told us of some information of a confidential nature or murmured that things must change but both of you ended up helpless on the next step, well now Wikileaks is a viable option. The voice of reason must be heard and deliver us from tyranny and yoke of bondage.

So ladies and gentleman, I appeal to everyone to keep this at the back of their minds, instead of clamoring for
to be done away with, it might be the best thing we need to deal with a secretive regime, bring change to our people. By change I do not mean an MDC or opposition government, it can be an awakening within ZANU PF itself to do the right thing, here change means our nation choosing to build itself, to do right, to grant freedom to everyone and ensure political prosperity for the citizens.

We have postponed our freedom for too long, we do not seem to find an outlet to channel collective efforts but for this last hurdle every avenue must be explored, a decade of suffering is too long, the urgency of delivering democracy has reached a crescendo, together we can do more.

Let us help ourselves, let the information flow, there is no CIO, ZANU, MDC, ZRP, Zimbabwe is bigger than all these, let's put our nation first, party affiliation second & self-interest last.


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