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Monday, August 19, 2013

SADC: Mafia Grouping or a Genuine Grouping with Wananchi at Heart?

Ndugu na dada, the weekend came and went, so did the SADC summit. The high expectations of the citizens of SADC was met with nothing but despair more bitterly so for the citizens of Zimbabwe. Coming from a blatantly stolen vote, NIKUVED into what they call free & peaceful election, never ask where the “fair” went, this is Africa wananchi, things change so are the words to describe events like elections. But don’t fool yourself about things changing in as far as poverty is concerned, no, no, that one is a constant on this sun scorched continent where days are nevertheless always getting colder for the ordinary people with much expectation to rise from the hot dust of this unforgiving land. To add salt to the injury to the hearts of the multitude of Zimbabweans Mr. Mugabe was made the deputy chair of the SADC body, yes if you don’t believe me wait for the Communiqué to come today.  What this simply means is that he will be the next SADC Chairperson in August 2014! Can you stomach that? I see many puke with their mouth agape. Hitherto SADC seemed a credible body in whom Zimbabweans placed so much trust despite feeling Thabo Mbeki shoved them under the bus many times to give our seats of dignity to ZANUPF big egos. Now it seems this little trust has all but been erased. If any of you out there have faith in SADC well you must be one of those in its leadership. Many are asking themselves what happened. Is it a horrible dream the old hag type they call Madzikirira in Shona, no its reality you will only sleep from it but never wake up out of it. Questions are being asked as to why this can be, I will try to expound my own reasons from a man on the street perspective, and my reasons might be a result of the nightmarish situation we find ourselves but forgive me, if ever we wake up from this reality I will retract:

1. What Happened to SADC Election Guidelines?

The SADC bloc has nice looking principles for holding elections, 10 in all. Even for primary school kids they can tell you more than half were not in Zimbabwean elections but still SADC endorsed the elections. Well the reality which Africans must know is that our leaders have mastered the art of deceit. Those guidelines were never authored by you the ordinary men of SADC, neither were you ever consulted about them. Africa is the continent led by the blind and in most cases the blind in our world live off state social services/pension or as in African case, begging. So those guidelines are the top 10 nice songs our leaders sing to EU, USA, Japan, UN, World Bank et al when they extend the begging bowl. Yes the millions they need to fatten themselves come from that top 10. The guidelines are purely for that, nothing to do with you and me. So never cry foul about those guidelines again, they are not for you to use but for them to beg. That is why the rich nations were not invited to observe the elections in Zimbabwe, unlce Bob was just told behind the scenes not to invite them lest they report to the financiers of aid that only 3 songs were sung at the elections and result in reduced aid. The reason for SADC existence is found in the reason it came into being viz, “when the leaders of majority-ruled countries and national liberation movements coordinated their political, diplomatic and military struggles to bring an end to colonial and white-minority rule in southern Africa.” Nothing about democracy there or free and fair elections.

2. The Ripple Effect/The Perfect Alibi

The other SADC countries are going to be holding elections in less than a year notably Malawi and South Africa. EFF is making noise in South Africa, they are wearing red berets like MDCT of Zimbabwe, and this might be a bad omen to them. They must change to green maybe. Also NIKUV now has offices or a branch in South Africa, SA system of democracy seems to be water tight but think of one person not finding their name on the voters’ roll in Mpumalanga, who would care to listen to that cry of one man? But in a nation of about 60 million if 500,000 are missing can it be glaringly clear they were NIKUVED? Malema’s nationalisation/expropriation agenda puts him at opposite end with the predominantly powerful forces in the economy. Looking at the courts which side will they likely take between Malema vs. Owners? So the EFF might just be told to EF off with their cries of being shut out. When leadership is on the side of the powerful nations e.g UK, EU, USA then expect no justice even from courts, Gukurahundi happened when there were courts of law in Zimbabwe lest we forget. More interesting for Malawi is that by the time they go for polls the President Joyce Banda will still be at the helm of SADC, God help the opposition in Malawi because they might have to cry to their abuser for justice. Maybe the right things will be done in that nation but they must start praying now. So everyone in SADC can benefit from Mr. Mugabe leading the way to steal and be credible.

3. Something is Cooking Behind the Scenes?

The kind of shock elicited by the events of 31 July 2013 and the SADC meeting on 17 August 2013 can often lead to setting aside of our convictions in denial. Some are saying Mr. Mugabe has promised SADC to undo the stealing and give back the goods in some form or fashion. Others have had hallucinatory imagination that Morgan Tsvangirai would be made the first Vice President to take over from the man since he is old. This sounds outlandish but is it not a fact many a prophets give correct prophecies while in a state of trance, remember John begins the book of Revelation after preface saying, “I was in the spirit on the Lord’s day”. So dismiss the delusions at your own peril, we are Zimbos is anything too surprising? After all Mai. Mujuru is quoted as having hinted she is ready to lead because Gushungo might be recalled soon by the man above. This is before even the swearing in ceremony, does she know something or just making a claim like the Sea Gulls in Finding Nemo yelping “Mine”, “Mine”, “Mine” to the chagrin of the chaos faction as my leader Tendai Biti would say? We are made to believe a war for the throne is in full swing. Too bad the chaos faction is led by Emerson Mnangagwa who is rightly named Ngwena meaning crocodile, as you all know crocodiles have no voice, they never speak (ever heard a crocodile cry?). While the Zebras and Wildebeests talk the crocodile remains submerged & shows up at strike so we will never know what Ngwena is up to, might he sink Mujuru one way or the other?  If Mai. Mujuru is to sink one way or the other then be guaranteed the Zebras and Wildebeests in her entourage will feel it’s time to dry the pool and result in the crocodile facing death too. Now when that happens, you can expect that man from Humanikwa Morgan Tsvangirai to pounce and make a surprise shoot to the top. Apart from Mujuru and Mnangagwa ZANUPF has no other leader, the former can thrive on her good heart the latter from the mean tactics, the rest are just sheeple with the weakest spines, remember the scary one who was battered in the house by the small looking wife?

4. The Prophets have Spoken in Many Ways

This might sound farfetched or a non-reason at all. But Zimbabweans have seen many dark days that when prophets speak they take the word for fact. Never mind the many who dismiss these Men of God as fakes out to make a dollar, check most opponents of Prophecy use fake Facebook profiles. Yes, let me make it known to you here and now, a fake Facebook profile doing politics in support of ZANUPF is 9 out 10 times likely to be someone who calls themselves CIO. They are employed to do that to dilute opinion, if you think I lie, look for Zimbabwe news on websites like timeslive.co.za, mg.co.za, sowetanlive.co.za, newsday.co.zw, dailynews.co.zw check in comments sections you will see an alias that recurs many times and has all the time to post replies fighting in the regime’s corner. So don’t expect CIO to be always intelligent, some are just dumb with a laptop and earn for commenting 24 hours.

Back to the prophets, Maxillar Mumo, Emmanuel Makandiwa, Jordan House all came out with prophecies concerning Zimbabwe especially the time we are living in. For Makandiwa it was a hidden one which his close associates’ claims was about Zimbabwe. Jordan House and Maxillar have been specific. They both are explicit that Zimbabwe is poised for political change with the old leadership giving way to a new dispensation. So the manoeuvres by SADC can be seen in the light of these prophecies, God will do His own work and all the glory will be given to Him and Him alone. So maybe SADC have taken their stance to allow fulfilment of God’s work. Before Saturday Zimbabweans have been holding on to SADC and prophets, now it is clear they are only left holding on to God through the prophets. Many are asking how this can be fulfilled when on the ground all looks opposite. The children of Israel must have asked the same cornered before the Red Sea but then God did the unexpected. God is God so rather let Him be the only hope that remains in you when all else has collapsed and failed, for all things we can never give up on the man above. To those who do not believe in God, its end of the road for them, these avoid because they are angry and will take matters into their own hands without much thought.

So for now Wananchi, this is where we are, a reality we wish was a nightmare and wake up from, but we can only sleep from it and wake up to it. But stand firm; keep the flame of hope burning, darkness might seem to be vast know this, a small light in a dark place can be seen from great distances. One day you will forget the pain but never forget the lessons.

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