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Saturday, May 9, 2015

Day 2, 25 April 2015: Good Bye Anaesthetic, Hello Pain

After the surgery I felt much better, my leg was quiet and felt nothing except a numbness, must have been the wonder drugs they use during operation. I was given pain tablets, I took them even though I felt no need for them. But the nurses knew what was coming so they needed to prepare me ahead, that was proactive of them. As I woke up to a Saturday I got chance to know my neighbour who had a knee problem, he was a Jewish man who must have been in his 60s. The hospital has nurses on duty who check on you every hour, this made it hard to sleep, I am a light sleeper so any shuffling will send me wide awake. I heard the Jewish ask about me to the nurses if I was ok because I had been quiet, only my brain was racing replaying the events. So maybe he thought this fellow could be dead or immobile, the nurse reassured him that I'm alright. God bless him, Jews are a special type of people,if anyone ever needed proof that God does really exist he must watch Jews or check the most influential Jewish people & how they made it, you will understand that the blessings of Abraham still carry them to this day. 

After the anaesthetic completely wore off I began to feel the throbbing going in my leg, it was like I had grown another heart in my leg. The pain was high but not like I had before the surgery so I endured knowing the past was behind me. It was at the break of dawn that Mandisa came to check on us, these nurses were awesome. I have not had a hospitalisation my entire adulthood but from childhood I remember what nurses were, monsters that were menacing, rude and looked forced into the occupation. But Mandisa was gentle, she always wore a reassuring smile checking the DRIP, temperature and how I was coping. The idea I had of nurses was beginning to ease, I had developed a sort of phobia for nurses and hospitals at a young age, I'd rather drink Aloe dipped in water than endure the hospital. So Mandisa ended her shift and off she went, she looked like she had done 12 hours on the job, how blessed are we who work 8-5 and still complain about it. 

Saturday was a good day, I had a lot of people visit but in the morning was the surgeon, he asked how I felt and pulled out his iPhone, he showed me my bones before surgery and after surgery, I couldn't believe so much had been done in that time while I was sent away to the place between life and death. These people are a special type of humans, they put together what God had created, they repair God’s work and the faith they have in what they do is remarkable. It was a busy day of visitors, my phone was choking from the messages, enquiries and questions. 

Later in the day I was transferred to another room if I may call it that but it was like a bachelor flat, with own bathroom and bathtub, some couch to sit on and a lot of space. Is there any reason for Mugabe to fly to Singapore when he can cross into South Africa for the same treatment and hospitality? But he fears information may leak so he spends millions of taxpayer money just to conceal an ailment, God help deliver him. I watched Premier League till late into the night, what would I have done without the TV, I shudder to imagine. Throughout the night Calvin was the one on duty, like Mandisa he religiously did his work. The pain had eased and I was off the DRIP, not that I have issues with it but it made pee so much but I needed whatever came with the water. So day 2 ended with me slipping into sleep and waking up. 


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