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Friday, August 19, 2016

Civilians Tips To Counter ZANUPF Rogue Police

Over the past few weeks I have Zimbabweans hold protests, something which was the preserve of a few hard core citizens. For a while ZANUPF regime was happy to respect the citizens’ right to demonstrate. We have seen police stand and watch as people went about their demonstrations until paranoia hit those thieving bastards who have molested our nation without Vaseline. Crime can make people into real devils, the idea of a free Zimbabwe quickly pushed the regime to regroup and think of a different strategy. They threw the constitution and the legal framework out of the window, they are prepared to die for their sins than face justice. But the likes of Robert Mugabe, Emmerson Mnangagwa, Jonathan Moyo, Augustine Chihuri, Constantine Chiwenga never realize they have children and grandchildren who one day soon will have to choose to be Zimbabweans or run away. They will have to live with the fact of losing all assets gained through underhand means. Sain Abacha’s sins are still being revisited long after he has gone. But the devil hardens whom he wants to destroy, they are men and women possessed with the worst kind of demons. So what is really happening?


I was analyzing recent pictures of the anti-riot police who beat up citizens at the Bond Notes demonstration. Almost all had brand new uniform and gear and this was interesting. Someone said they were all new recruits but I believe they have been long in the system. What we are witnessing is Mugabe regime building its own niches of police and army as they see real police get weary of the suffering. Those people in police uniform are likely soldiers who were given police uniform. But they are also not just ordinary soldiers but are most likely drawn from Mugabe’s privately trained 5th Brigade. Yes the same people who went on a reign of terror in Matabeleland, they are easy to use for such shenanigans because they stand to lose a lot if Gukurahundi is revisited. Mugabe’s reluctance to open Gukurahundi and let the case rest is because he kept these soldiers for a time like now. Had they been put before a commission and absolved or tried, Mugabe & his coterie would have no one to defend them right now. Yes this is why Mugabe refused to have his people caught in corruption stand trial, think of all the commission he is sitting on.

All the people implicated are available to be used when the time and conditions are right. Robert Mugabe is a great thinker but his mind is fashioned after the devil, its brilliance cannot advance humanity but is regressive. So giving flowers to 5th Brigade is not going to make them see reason, they have murder to defend. If one is to analyse the situations one can easily see that there is different sets of police reacting to protests. Jenny Williams of WOZA mentioned how police urged them to move so they will not harm them. Is this the same police who pounced on bond notes protesters, one would be foolish to think this is so. The Zimbabwe government is one skewed organisation, among all level of civil servants there are elites and the ordinary, even in CIO there are some who are paid ridiculous salaries while others barely survive.


Giving flowers or any gift is not going to sway these bloodhounds from their allegiance to Mugabe. We need a different tactic of engagement. Zimbabweans are educated but have also very individualistic, a trait fed by Mugabe. To win we must use the power of cooperation, just because people are crowded together does not mean they are cooperating. Running in ten directions when attacked is not strength but weakness. If you ever watched how sardine protect themselves against sharks, dolphins and garnets you will know they form a tight knit ball as a defence mechanism. I propose the following mechanisms for citizens to protect themselves, of course these measures are 100% civilian strategy.


One of ZANUPF regime’s weakness is adoption of technology. All they know is brute force as a response to protests. I saw Tendai Biti asking for evidence of the police who took part in the beating up of civilians to begin prosecution. I doubt there will be any coming forth because nobody has high resolution pictures. There is a lot of technology to take high resolution pictures even from a longer distance. We need to incorporate such technology into our everyday lives and be always on guard. When you see a police convoy leaving their base for an attack, document it, picture it, film it even discreetly. Alert other citizens who are protesting. An overhead picture by Tsvangirai Mukwazhi was good now imagine there are 20 from 360 degree angles, you have a record that can be analysed once uploaded to the internet, even microphones are important to record voices. There are many patriotic members of the police force and they easily pick out their fellows or members of the public. We can create a database of police who partook in brutality because in Shona we say “mhosva hairovi (a crime does not expire before justice)”. This database will also act as a deterrent to those who would partake in brutality. If we can identify soldiers in police uniform it will be even better. We must make it harder for police and solders to wantonly beat up civilians.

"If we cannot force the Politicians to change then we must inspire the Citizens to be bold" - Evan Mawarire  


Sardine is a small fish but is famous for the bait ball that they form in a school as a last line of defence. As people we should be able to employ a similar tactic. When attacked by the rogue police instead of running in a thousand directions people should run in 4 or 5 distinct directions. This will give the police a choice to split up and go in different directions weakening the unit. If it was 50 police officers they now have to split into small units of 12 which is smaller number to threaten many civilians. This is what sardines do then regroup into one unit again. Police come organised in how they will attack civilians, if they are vulnerable they will not attack.


I have written it three times to emphasize the importance of organisation. Put simply people must approach protests with organisation. We are wiser than termites but why then fail to implement the measures we see in these small creatures? When its summer the termites fly out, on their mound you find the big horned soldiers in front with the small soldiers behind and in the middle will be the builder termites. The big horned soldiers know how to stifle and attack and defend the vulnerable, the small soldiers know how to support the big horned ones primarily by their numbers. Among protesters there are those who know how to stifle the charge of the rogue police. These can circle the crowd in strategic positions followed by the small soldiers forming a unit that will not easily crumble of be pushed backwards. The vulnerable and the weak can be at the back or inside the bait ball. We must also remember why David refused to fight Goliath wearing armoured gear. David knew that the armour would slow him down and as Goliath took a step forward, David ran towards him. Goliath could not run because of the armour. Rogue police in armoured gear are like Goliath, heavily dressed but very immobile and limited in use of arms, one is holding a shield and the other a button stick. If protesters charge towards any group they will most likely flee because they are outnumbered.


This is a power tool that was released by Facebook and within a short time of being released a United States lady used it to capture police brutality as her boyfriend was shot by police. Facebook Live plus an idevice are a good combination to stream events in real time to Facebook. Many Zimbabweans use iPhones and take with to protests but it’s amazing that almost all protests happen without live facebooking the event. When there is a protest I go to the Facebook Live Map and wait for Zimbabwe to pop up alas nothing happens. Technology is for liberating the civilians but if we do not embrace it then we weaken our own defences. A Facebook live video is evidence in cases where there needs to be proved circumstances. Police will always say civilians did this or that hence their heavy handedness but we can present realtime evidence to their detriment.


People must unite ever more for the sake of safety. We all came together at the court appearance of Evan Mawarire and the outcome shows what can happen if we have unity of purpose. Citizens of Zimbabwe must continue to unite in the acts of gathering information, analysing information, passing information, protection, being the eyes and ears of one another. We must create conditions where every rogue police will fear having his face smeared on the internet and identified with his phone number, home address and place of work. If Mugabe wants he can take all the rogues and give them space at his mansion because the community has become too aware and they cannot sleep for fear of their sins.


As a people there are many tools at our disposal but we are not using them. If there is one thing we must do from now going forward, it is telling our story out to the world. Today UNICEF in Zimbabwe is running scared because they tried to be partisan. Zimbabweans reacted by tweeting about it and demanding answers and the citizens are prepared to take the matter all the way to the United Nations headquarters. If it means heads will roll so be it, someone in UNICEF clearly wanted to do their friends in ZANUPF a favour by coming down hard on the Dzamara family but now they are smarting from their error of judgment, the citizens have pushed back. We must make Robert Mugabe have sleepless nights knowing that Zimbabweans want their freedom. If he was working 30 minutes we must reduce it to zero. No more will he sleep in gold plated sheets while citizens make do with sleeping awake to make a living. He must get the message loud and clear, #Hatichada #Hatichatya #Tajamuka we want #ThisFlag in its rightful place.

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