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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Social Media - Re-Defining Political Though Leaders

Many a times I engage in fruitful debates via facebook, good points are raised in the course of these discussions. Unfortunately most of these great thoughts are lost in status updates and buried forever in Palo Alto at facebook servers. A few discussions I have recently been a part of centered around the following:

1. The case for a Federal System of Governance.
2. Hard Choices in Political Leadership: Competence vs. Affirmative Action.

I am inviting fellow bloggers to delve into these issues and present a compelling case why their thoughts should curry favour and be sold to the general population. As the future leaders we must apply our minds to the future we envisage for Zimbabwe. We cannot wake up in time doing trial and error but by careful calculation and meditation we should plan before we get there.

I hope to we will influence a change in our journalism fraternity from incessant politicking to presenting hard questions to the people of Zimbabwe encouraging a culture of healthy debate.

We are the Zimbabwe we want to live in, let’s picture it, plan it and execute it!!

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